i want the same world as you do

Pauline / 24 / Baguette land

~ Multifandomess ~
Movies/TV shows addict
History is my thing
British dudes are my ultimate weakness


What an awful t r a g e d y it is to be Q u e e n

Anonymous: You should use the ship name peraltiago instead of jamy :)

idk i like both names lol 

I may change it…maybe peraltiago sounds better because they always call each other by their last name..and jamy makes me think of shamy and ew no

Now imagine that I ask you to remember something—either with a verbal suggestion or by making you watch a tape of the event—and while that experience is refreshed, I give you a dose of tracker jacker venom. Not enough to induce a three-day blackout. Just enough to infuse the memory with fear and doubt. And that’s what you brain puts in long-term storage.


I can’t believe he’s gone

sometimes I feel useless but then I remember I breathe out carbon dioxide for plants


♡ details > Dolce & Gabbana s/s 2015

jake and amy in season 2 episode 4 “Halloween II”

Hugh Dancy at Paleyfest 2014